Activities @ Delhi

Night Events

BBQ night

BBQ and bonfire every week in the winters to chill with all the guests at the hostel.

Sangria Night

A fresh salad to go with refreshing sangria on the rooftop to end a day of sighseeing.

Communal Dinner

Local street food, biryani, cocktails and conversations as we all get together to make friends and share stories.

Games Night

Poker, mafia, bingo and more games once a week!

Pub Crawl

We visit some of the hottest parties in town and get free drinks for the guests too!

Walking Tours

Central Delhi Tour

We visit the biggest Gurudwara in Delhi, volunteer and eat there, an old step well and some street shops in the backpacker ghetto of the city.

South Delhi Tour

Some of the best street food along with the Lotus temple and Iskon temple - two very unique and different styles of religion.

Old Delhi Tour

Old Delhi is full of riches from spices to food and from history to shopping, we give you a taste of it all.

Majnu ka Tila tour

There is a small part of Tibet in Delhi and we explore the food and culture of Tibet there.

Qawalli and Garden tour

Mughal architecture, Islamic religious songs and some beautiful gardens with a dense history.